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MS74 Nathaniel Hawthorne Visit | 2016 | From the Archives

The following has been pulled from an old archive. MS74 Nathaniel Hawthorne Visit On April 23, 2016 , Team 5599 visited local middle school MS74! On that day, the team gave a presentation and demonstrated the robot. We sat down with a 6th grade class and took their questions before proceeding to give them a little task- building mini-robots of their very own! The kids were able to put together small crab bots with supervision from our members. Now who doesn't love class pets? The crabs scuttled around the table, sensing the edges on-approach and turning away to the amazement of the kids. Without a doubt, 5599 was able to pass on some inspiration and insight into the world of STEM and Robotics. Maybe one day, one of those kids will join their high-school's Robotics team- and who knows- it could very well be Cardozo's.